Blue/Yellow Stripe Urchin Basket

Blue/Yellow Stripe Urchin Basket


Handmade Urchin Basket


We took recycled yarn and knotted it into a basket! Each basket is made one at a time using reclaimed cotton fabric waste from the garment industry. Some of the baskets are floppy/crushable (great for dresser storage, travel, kids, and home stuff) while others are more rigid - making great pet beds. *Please read the description of each before making your purchase.


This particular basket is great for small storage. Put it on your countertop... or by the door with your keys in it. Would look good on a nightstand. It is crushable, with soft sides that slightly balloon out.


Materials: 90% high quality recylced cotton / 10% other recycled fibers



Diameter (of Bottom): 8"

Height (of sides): 4"

Tagged: Removeable, Ultrasuede Sun Moon Star tag.

Cleaning (If needed): Spot Clean


The baskets are folded flat for shipping. To reshape, simply lift the sides into place and run your hand around the interior to move stitches back into a round shape.


SHIPPING: Many of the baskets are quite heavy and will be shipped USPS Priority. The lighter ones will go First Class. Any shipping overages will be refunded shortly after shipping as we reconcile costs. We will adjust our packing methods/boxes to provide you with the fastest, lowest-priced shipping.



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