THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM!  PRODUCTION STARTS AT THE END OF THIS COMING WEEK.  SHIPS OUT AROUND FEB. 27TH-3OTH!  Shipping time may change will be worth the wait as always!


There are 2 NEW STYLES to choose from in addition to the original 6.  "Blade Runner" and "Chaos".


It's the return of the iconic WKRMN Bonehead! After being inundated with countless requests to make more...I've finally brought them back to life!


Machined from high strength Ultem 1000. Translucent and super strong, high heat resistance. A beautful natural amber color when held up to the light.


Bead blasted with a oil/wax finish.


Engraving styles:


- Sugar Skull ( The one with the spider webs and diamond in the center)

- Tattoo (The one with the snake on it)

- Single ghost (a single ghost engraving only)

- STANDARD ISSUE (says standard issue)

- Lucky Charms (lips, eye, heart, smiley, cash)

- Manekineko (japanese kanji and lucky cat)

- BLADE RUNNER (Checkered faces)

- CHAOS (Ghosts all over the front, single ghost on back)


Please choose one of the engraving options...I WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR ORDER AFTER IT IS PLACED! CHOOSE WISELY!


- 1" finger hole

- .5" thick

- 1.6"W x 2.07"L