BONEHEAD Off-White (RUBBER Edition)

BONEHEAD Off-White (RUBBER Edition)


How could the iconic WKRMN Bonehead get any better?   What if I lowered the price and made it out of a material that nobody else has ever done before...AND it glowed?!  


Well that's EXACTLY what I've done!  These new Boneheads are made from a durable, hard rubber and feature glow in the dark eyes/noses.  


This is a very hard rubber, and there is barely any flex at all...however the feel is much more comfortable than the harder materials I've offered in the past.  Soft touch, but strong at the same's the perfect material for an item like this...whatever it is ;)


Rubber casting requires a two part mold so there will be a very small seam line running along the perimeter of each one of these.  This is normal and a part of the production process. 


- 1" finger hole

- .5" thick

- 1.6"W x 2.07"L

- Please check your local carry laws before purchasing!

- Price is for 1 single Bonehead (Off-white colored)