Phantom beads (Oops edition) 3- PACK

Phantom beads (Oops edition) 3- PACK

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3 - pack! 


OOPS EDITION!   These were supposed to feature a bright white glowing face on one side...but OOPS...they got screwed up and are just solid tie-dye colored.   They are SUPER discounted to get them out of my shop!


An original WKRMN design that is quickly becoming a classic!  


The Fantastic Phantom (or Ghosty) is a made from durable, slighty squishy CMYK tie-dyed rubber.   Each one is TOTALLY UNIQUE due to the production method.  Random swirls of the 4 colors will make each bead different.


This 3 - pack of Ghosts are great for adding to your jacket or backpack zipper for a little extra "grab".  They also work well as a lanyard bead on a pocket knife!


Comes with random WKRMN designed sticker!  WOO!