"HEXED"  Sidewinder dice

"HEXED" Sidewinder dice


PRE-ORDER:  These will begin productiuon tomorrow.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery...hopefully sooner!


Part dice, part slot machine...take a chance and let it roll! 


The Workerman "HEXED" Sidewinder is milled from a solid piece of brass and features 6 engraved sides.  Each side features an original illustration denoting a number. 


1 - One wise owl

2 - Two seeing eyes

3 - Three magic swords

4 - The four elements

5 - The five senses

6 - Six slithering snakes


Both ends are also milled out, one side features the iconic WKRMN Phantom, and the other the WKRMN globe.


A great addtion to your gaming collection!  Use it as a replacement for standard dice, or add it to your arsenel for extra fun.


After milling, the Sidewinder goes through an aging process that darkens as well as smooths out the metal giving each one a unique, vintage look.  No two will look alike!


Dimensions - 1.5" x  1"   Weight - 4.5oz!


In production NOW.  Please allow 1-2 week for your order to ship out.