Pinch knife (Natural Canvas)


The WKRMN "Pinch" knife is a small EDC knife that can be easily carried in a pocket, bag or purse. It's tiny...but packs BIG style and a wicked edge.  


This is a PREORDER item and will begin production on Febuary 1st.  Production may take up to 60 days...but hopefully I'll get them done way sooner.  I'm just one guy in a basement workshop, so please be patient...THANK YOU!


- Natural brown canvas with a oil/wax blend finish

- 2" cutting edge

- 4.4" total length

- Dagger grind blade (both edges are SHARP...please know your local knife laws before purchase)

- M390 steel

- Inset handle scales

- integrated lanyard loop (rope not included)

- FREE sheath!


Please note: The sheath is still in development and will ship once all of the preorder knives have been finished.  The sheath is VERY close to being finalised, and will look similar to what is pictured here...but please know it may change in appearnce slightly to accomodate design changes.  It's very differnt from what is normally offered with this type of knife...and "different" takes time!

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