The Original "Blood Money" crafting material


WKRMN "Blood Money" is produced from 100% real US shredded currency and high strength urethane resin.

Perfect for crafting, turning, inlays, rings, handles...etc.


Dimensions - Approx .32" thick - 2.9" x 5.8"


Due to variations in how the resin flows, each piece will look unique. I try to mix equal parts of red "blood" in with the clear cash. Pictures shown here are for example only.


This is raw material and is not finished. There may be some tooling marks on the surface.


Can be cut, sanded, shaped and machined with standard woodworking tools. Polishes to a very high gloss easily with buffing compounds like "HUT ultra gloss" or sand to 600-800 grit for a sleek matte finish!


Please note: due to demand these are now made to order, please allow up to 1-2 weeks for delivery!

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