WHOMP (THUD-sonbay 3)

WHOMP (THUD-sonbay 3)




What is a WHOMP?  Well that's hard to explain.  It's pocket art, paper weight, finger fidget, twirly ma-gig, and it can protect you in the of case a rouge goose attack.  But let's be honest...it's mostly for making your Instagram pictures look all cool and stuff.


Machined from super dense fabric composite with matte black paper micarta inlay on top.  Hand finished.  Double sided, one side is colored fabric stripes similar to the classic Hudson bay blanket, and the flip side is black linen.



1.7"  x 1.9" x .5" thick


Figer hole opening is approx. .90"


Comes with random WKRMN junk!  Maybe you'll get a sticker!  Or a bead!  I dunno! 


Please know your local carry laws before purchasing!