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Ghosty Bead PARTY PACK!

Ghosty Bead PARTY PACK!


3 - pack!


Party packs are back!  And this time it's DIFFERENT.  For the FIRST time EVER...I have made SOLID TITANIUM Ghost beads...OMG!   Blasted, tumbled, blasted...and then tumbled again for that oh so sweet Terminator finish, these solid Ti beads are ready to conquer any gear you put them on. 


You'll also get the ALL NEW "Toxic OOZE" slime green/yellow rubber bead....AND the all new black and white "Classic Cartoon" rubber bead.  The White face GLOWS green in the dark!


You'll receive ONE of each color:


1 - "Ti-Minator (Solid Titanium)"

1 - "Toxic OOZE" Rubber

1 - "Classic Cartoon" Rubber



This 3 - pack of beads are great for adding to your jacket, keys or backpack zipper for a little extra "grab".  They also work well as a lanyard bead on a pocket knife!


Comes with FREE sticker!  yay!


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