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Stash Mask 2 - 1st edition

Stash Mask 2 - 1st edition


This is a Preorder item.  Stash Masks will begin shipping near the end of April/early May...hopefully sooner...but proboblay not :).


Captivated by the enigmatic allure of ancient relics and fueled by the thrill of exploration, this intricately carved mask beckons intrepid souls to delve into its mysteries. Concealed within its intricate design lies a secretive compartment waiting to be discovered!


Made to order, each mask will be totally unique due to variations in wood grain, color, and the "antiquing" process...this gives the mask it's "ancient" look ;)


Crafted from solid walnut, these one of a kind masks fearure a secret compartment to hide whatever you wish. Press down on the button on top of the head and the mouth drops open to reveal a hidden drawer.


Features a unique magnetic wall mount that makes it easy to hang and remove. The back of the mask has a small recessed pocket with a brass badge engraved with details about the mask. The wall mount is engraved with a matching design. No visble hardware, screws or nails. Interior drawer is made from carved black paper composite.


Appox. 10" x 6" and about 2.5" thick. 


Interior drawer dimensions approx 3.5" x 6.25" x .75"


Lots of little parts to make and assemble for each will be WORTH THE WAIT!

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