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PREORDER-Fob (Ultem)

PREORDER-Fob (Ultem)


THIS IS A PREORDER!  PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASE!  Due to demand, I have decided to offer more of these AWESOME fobs for the next 24hrs only.  Production time will depend on the amount of preorders I receive...please be aware these preorder fobs will take about 2-3 weeks (estimated...could be longer) to complete and ship.  I am working on a few other projects as well...and I am only making more of these because so many people want one.  THANK YOU for understanding!


The Thang-A-Ma-Fob!


What is it?!


I don't know!


It's a key fob!


It's a giant zipper pull!


It's a pocket carry art piece!


Hang it on your keys or your backpack zipper for a little etxtra Bling Blang...and it makes grabbing your gear easier!


Made from that oh so trendy super duper future material Ultem 1000!  All the kids love it.


Fully CNC machined, blasted and hand finis