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Ultem Key Hook

Ultem Key Hook


I've taken the classic key hook design that has been around for years and given it an updated, contemporary look, with a modern material to match. 


While not as strong as metal, Ultem is surprisingly tough.  I've tested these hooks with a 44lb weight (WAY more than what they should hold) and they have flexed, but not broken.  It's a stiff material with just enough flex to grip onto a belt loop or strap.  Super lightweight, and a beautiful natural transparent amber color. 


-CNC machined from high strength Ultem 1000 polyetherimide (SUPER plastic).


-Hand finished with a subtle matte look, and a oil/wax finish.


-2.5"  x .5" 


-Only weighs 1oz!


Perfect for keychains!  Hang your keys on your belt loop and look like a total hipster! 


Please note, these are meant to hold your keys, or something of similar weight.  While they CAN hold much more (see my Instagram video for stress testing) they are not intended to hold extreme weights.  Anything up to 5lbs would prob be ok!

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