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WKRMN "Icon-O-Mark" Digitial download

WKRMN "Icon-O-Mark" Digitial download


This is a digital download!  DIY! 


This is a 3D printable custom stencil attachment for (almost) any spray paint can.  Download and print it yourself!


It was designed to be used with a wide spray cap (fat cap) that will produce a roughly 2.5" diameter "Spray dot" at approx. 4" distance from your work surface.   You can use almost any off the shelf spray can, but just know that you may need to swap the cap...OR...shrink your stencil design to match the "Spray dot" of your particualr can of paint.   Montana brand spray paint works wonderful for this, and they have a wide range of cap sizes.


Comes with a few FREE stencil designs to play with, and a blank stencil disc you can use to make your own design.


You'll receive printing tips/instructions with the download files.


Have fun!







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